Isn’t it time to say farewell to ‘high pressure’ selling and influence?
Don’t we all sell ideas, services, products – even ourselves – all the time?
Everyone can sell, can do it well, and enjoy doing it…


The 21st Century is undergoing a rapid and fundamental change. Customers, colleagues and partners now demand a newly

sustainable, ethical approach to influence

… whether you’re influencing them to make a decision, buy your products or services or ‘buy into’ your vision.

Your buyers are so very different today.

They have instant access to huge amounts of information. They’re smarter and better educated than before. They demand sustainable relationships with suppliers & partners – stability in an ever-changing world. Social & business media mean the world is smaller and

today’s buyers don’t accept deception.

If your job involves sales or influence, you’ve surely made mistakes through a fear of rejection, aggression and ignorance. At last, you can

replace fear & anxiety with confidence & creativity

… and get the results you deserve – in life and at work – and enjoy doing it !

You can now join an increasing band of engineers, CEOs, retailers, project managers, sales & marketing leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants and so many others – who’ve integrated Turning Selling into Buying (TSB) into their lives. They’ve all taken away

new ways of speaking, acting and thinking

… that deliver results quickly and predictably – with a trust that drives later success.

These people all learned the skills to discoverexplore and develop the ‘Buying Drivers‘ that motivate each decision and

So What's the Big Idea? TSB Whitepaper

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Build a Willing and Sustainable Buyer.

TSB users confidently challenge and develop a buyer’s assumptions. They openly coach a buyer in ‘how to buy’ – confidently discussing and developing the financial drivers. Finally, they help the buyer to willingly turn a ‘Desire to Buy’ into an Order or Decision. It’s actually they way influential people have always done it – it’s just that we didn’t spot them doing it! Put this all together and you have a real game changer! Download the TSB Whitepaper (on left) to get your head around the full extent of this ‘big idea’. Integrate TSB into how you influence and:

  • retail buyers come back for more – and tells their friends
  • B2B buyer buy more – and makes you a trusted adviser
  • your channel partners are more productive – for both of you
  • work colleagues pull in the same direction as you – gladly
  • your investors and partners deliver the support – that you truly need 

Learn how to Turn Selling into Buying and put the joy back into influencing people !

There are 3 ways you can start to make the change: