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by Trevor Græme Wilkins on October 29, 2013 · 0 comments

At last — Turning Selling into Buying is finished and I have head space to write this blog. Thanks for your patience — intend it will be worth waiting for

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I’ve seen and noticed so much around me that I want to share with you all. I hope that you, in turn, will share back what you experience and observe around you.

I spent the weekend with a bunch of really great lawyers doing some high energy sales training. We had such a great time and the highlight of the weekend was when a senior partner completely ‘lost it’ whilst acting in one of the playlets we do. He was so unable to control his laughing that he had to hand the script over to a colleague – despite restarting twice – and with tears still rolling down his face!

Apart from the fun, the outstanding impression was how much personal interpretation and filtration each of the 36 attendees added as they watched the sketches we do. Each illustrates one or two specific TSB points — every person receives the same information. But each person’s unconscious only grabs hold of the parts that are significant to them. In the discussion in the bar afterwards, you would think each person has seen a different production….

The same is true when we talk to our buyers about what they want to buy from us – don’t guess or assume – ask them!

I asked them what they’d taken away from the training, so they told me. You can do the same with your buyers, rather than assuming they’d got the right impression.

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