Turning Selling into Buying is so much more than just a book or training course. It’s a fresh new approach to influence – at work and in life.
It can be delivered and applied in different ways; but in every case, the components include:

  • the core TSB processes and skill set
  • playlets, demonstrations and videos
  • training exercises
  • self-development assignments
  • an active community with solid user support
The book itself is one way of delivery (described here). The sections below outline the other two forms of delivery.


APEX Seminars

These training courses cover the four stages involved in Turning Selling into Buying.  They may be public courses, with open, local registration; or closed registration for a specific community, association or interest group.  See Seminar Schedule for the next one near you. Click here for much more detail on the APEX Programme.  In brief, its four steps are:

…answers the question “What would motivate anyone to buy or ‘buy into’ the idea, product or service I’m offering?”  Click here for more.

…is based around the principal ‘prepare well once and use many times‘. Students learn what they need to do before any meeting to maximise their chance of success. Once they’ve completed this preparation, it can be used over and over again, with adjustments only as the buyer varies – reducing effort and boosting confidence. They will learn how to prepare their offering so that it’s easily bought, prepare their buyer so they’re more likely to buy, and prepare themesleves and their team to perform powerfully and consistently.  Click here for more.

…focuses on the person-to-person activity in any meeting intended to influence someone to become a ‘Willing Buyer‘. It introduces the five step G.E.C.K.O. meeting structure and uses demonstration, practice exercises, feedback and discussion to develop the necessary skills. Students will learn how to engage, elicit, explore and evaluate the worth of their buyer ‘doing business’ with them.  Click here for more.

…delivers the final step of actually turning a ‘Willing Buyer’ into an order, into money, or a clear decision to take action.  Click here for more.

Fearless Selling® Workshops

These are customised assignments usually delivered by a local TSB Associate to add value to a business. In most cases the customer is a commercial team or division. The delivering Associate will have always engaged beforehand with senior management to determine and document some or all of the following:

  • The key problems to be solved or new outcome required
  • The new offering, buyer, route to market or business being tackled
  • The new channel or partnership being considered
  • How and if the change can be measured
Click here for more.



Turning Selling into Buying is at the heart of a network of change that can be accessed in many different ways.  Some people will start by buying the book.  They may then want to move their skills to the next level by attending a nearby APEX seminar.  Others will attend a seminar and then join the action through buying the book.  In a corporate environment, the book can be used by a team as a source of ideas and examples — with their partners perhaps having learnt how they ‘go about business’ by also attending an APEX seminar.