T.I.R.E.S. Cubes

Blocks of T.I.R.E.S.If you’ve read the book, or you’ve been a student at an APEX Seminar or Fearless Selling Workshop, you’ll doubtless have discovered the value of the TIRES cube.  These are introduced when TakeAways are introduced and explored.

The cubes have so many productive uses! They are also great to spread around a team room to keep focus when times are getting tense.

T.I.R.E.S. Cubes can be:

  • an inspiration when squeezing that last TakeAway out of your Offering
  • something to throw at your colleagues when they sell features and benefits
  • the reminder to ‘take the last step’ that converts a Buying Driver into a Financial Justification
  • the bookend for all your signed orders
  • a ‘scene setter’ for your next ABC Analysis
  • a prompter when you’re doing a ‘Four-See’ Exercise

You can order full sized TIRES cubes from the TSB Shop or you can make them yourself.  This is simply done by you, your colleagues or even your kids!  Just download the format, print it out on the stiffest card your printer can handle, and then cut and glue them together.  Scale them to fit larger sizes of card (10″ or 23 cms is the ideal cube size) as they are high resolution images.

Try these downloads:

Letter Size with Dollar symbol on base
A4 Size with Pound symbol on base
A4 Size with Euro symbol on base
A4 Size with with Riyal symbol on base
A4 Size with Rupee symbol on base
A4 Size with Yen symbol on base

Letter Size So What? Cube
A4 Size So What? Cube