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TSB Associates is the global consulting and training arm that deliver Turning Selling into Buying to enterprises.  Our approach combines all three elements needed to ‘change the rules’:

  • a detailed analysis of what would motivate anyone to buy what you offer
  • tools and techniques that create a Willing Buyer
  • the resources to make that change permanent – at a personal corporate level

At TSB, we solve practical, down-to-earth sales, marketing and partner distribution problems.  The skills and experience we apply are blended from the wide range of skills in the team.  We always work closely with our clients to synthesise the absolute best approach to delivering the biggest change in productivity possible or fixing your commercial problem as quickly and as permanently as possible.

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The TSB team is connected by our common approach of ‘seeing the purchase from the buyer’s side of the table‘ and building a ‘willing buyer‘ – the only approach that gives consistent results in this new age of open information and increased commoditisation.  Our customers include:

  • executive teams
  • sales teams and leaders
  • channel management teams
  • customer service teams

Industries we have delivered solutions to include:

  • technology (software and hardware)
  • consulting (technical, legal, business, financial)
  • retail and customer service
  • start-ups (and many entrepreneur support groups)
  • academic (both business and technology faculties)

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