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Fearless Selling® Workshops from the TSB Associates.

These are customised sales-improvement assignments delivered by a local TSB Associate
In most cases the customer is an enterprise. Groups we’ve worked with include:

  • sales teams
  • start-ups
  • channel and partner management
  • retail teams
  • marketing leaders
  • executive groups

The customer’s lead Associate will have always engaged beforehand with senior management to determine and document some or all of the following:

  • The key problems to be solved or new outcome required
  • The new offering, buyer, route to market or business being tackled
  • The new channel or partnership being considered
  • How and if the change can be measured
To deliver a complete, holistic solution to the problem, another TSB Associate can also be brought in to deliver their own specialised skills.
These might include cold calling, website design, recruitment, CRM, product management etc.

A Fearless Selling® assignment will always involve more than just the core APESeminars.  There will often be some consulting work beforehand.  The workshops themselves will usually be tailored (e.g. re-writing exercises, examples and team assignments so that they’re relevant to the client’s domain). There is almost always change consolidation work afterwards.

In the past this has included process redesign, coaching, sales management training, recruitment, campaign design. Our Inside Out programme is also available to deliver the personal change skills and coaching often needed to ‘make the change stick’.

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