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Trevor is an active member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), Global Speakers’ Federation (GSF) and National Speakers Association (NSA)

He has spoken in front of many different audiences in many different situations over the years – trade shows, sales kickoff and conferences.

As a result of this experience, he’s always guaranteed to fire the room up with enthusiasm for his passion for:

Ethical Influence and Sustainable Selling

Unlike some speakers, Trevor prefers to not just talk.  Depending on the size of his audience, he always injects some energy and action into the event.

With a large audience, he’ll invite attendees to carry out simple ‘mind experiments’ to help develop and experience their own understanding of the subject.  Where it’s possible, he’ll usually encourage some simple experimentation in pairs.  In a situation (such as a dining room setup), he uses fun learning exercises.  If time allows, he’s particularly happy to have a Q&A session – the more challenging the audience is, the better.

In every case, Trevor’s fundamental theme is the de-mystifying of sales, of selling and influence.  He can tune his message to stimulate any audience.  He has changed the beliefs of  hard-nosed sales professionals, given confidence  to self-employed consultants who have to sell themselves, and given to graduates bubbling with entrepreneurial energy a framework to make it as effective as they want.

Here are some of the subjects that he’s spoken on:

Any audience with a fear or anxiety about selling anything:

 Anyone Can Sell, Can Sell Well … and Enjoy Doing It

Successful Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Startup leaders who are spending too much selling:

Unload the Weight from Your Mind … and Your Shoulders!

Any senior executive who wants their managers to be more successful:

 Reap the benefit of helping your staff become ‘Intrapreneurs

Retail, B2B or service staff who need Sustainable Selling Skills:

Stop Selling … and Start Telling Stories

Anyone who sells themselves, their services and their ideas:

The Only Five Reasons anyone will ever buy from you


To discuss your needs, please call Trevor directly on +1-613-792-3866 or email him at speaker@turningsellingintobuying.com