UNUSED:Crowdsourcing – How You Can Contribute (and Profit!)

Hi there.  Thanks for coming to my Turning Selling into Buying Book Site.
The detail of the book is Work In Progress and YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE with your experiences and stories – both Good and Bad, Serious or Funny, Personal or Business…

If you’re on this page, you may well be one of the many hundreds of people who’ve attended our Fearless Selling® or Turning Selling into Buying ® workshops.  I’m asking you to help ‘Crowdsource‘ one aspect of the book – the ‘real world’ stories at the end of each chapter … and buy the book much more cheaply!

Out in the normal world, the more successful “influencers” have been using these techniques, unconsciously, for years – the less successful have been messing them up for just as long.  But you are different – you’re now able to use them consciously.  Similarly, you’re also far more able to observe how well other people influence you….  It’s happening all round us, every day.

I want to hear your own stories (short or long) of successes and setbacks.  Remember there’s no such thing as failure – only feedback.  I need you to share your observation of other people influencing you (whether it went well or badly) – and your observations on why

Please read the very short BCI TechniquesSynopsis and Chapters tabs and then leave your story or stories (as many as you want).  If your story makes it in, you’ll not only get a credit in the book, but also 30% off the cover price !


….leave the story of your own experiences of when ‘Seeing the Buy from the Other Side of the Table’ worked for you (either as a buyer or a seller) or…

… when you or someone else omitted a key step (such as Turning Buying into Ordering)

When did you consciously spot someone using ‘precision questioning’, and really well, to develop your need?  What about when you were ‘Sold To’ with no obvious regard for what was ‘driving you to buy’?  What was the best (or worst) example of ‘Gaining Business Rapport’ you’ve ever experienced?  What was the most blatant case of somebody ‘Justifying a Price’ without having a clue what it was actually worth to you?

Send me your stories by clicking below…

Many, many thanks.  Roll on publication in January 2013!