Book Testimonials

“I’ve seen Trevor teach Turning Selling into Buying to hundreds of classes – retailers, consultants, sales teams, entrepreneurs – even marketing people like me. The experience and energy that make him so effective face to face comes through strongly in this book. I really didn’t think it was possible but the ideas leap off the page and make you want to try them out on the next person you meet.  

Trevor has created a very unique but dead-on right approach to the subject of selling. Once you experience it, you’ll come away saying ‘Brilliant and so obvious, why didn’t someone approach it this way before?”

Gary Gudbranson CMC – Business Mercenary
Virtual CMO and Founder,

I’ve believed for quite a while that ‘selling’ is an outdated concept. It’s helping people to buy that matters. Turning Selling into Buying helps individuals & teams deliver to real results.  I’ve seen it work well for self-employed entrepreneurs, but I’ve also seen it work equally well for the ‘intrapreneurs’ who are employed more and more by companies and organisations”

Prof. Bruce M. Firestone MSc, PhD – Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Telfer School of Management
Executive Director, and Author, Quantum Entity Trilogy

“It’s great when someone with 25 years’ experience of successful sales and business shares their learning. Trevor has modelled top performers, combined it with his own skills and created a unique and universal approach.
Successful selling is about helping buyers be successful. This book will help you and your buyers.”

Michael Beale BSc – NLP Trainer and Business Coach
Author, Coaching Programme Essentials

Turning Selling into Buying is the ‘missing manual’ from every MBA.  It’s also enjoyable and, more importantly, it works”

Mike O’Hara – CEO, High Frequency Trading Review
Owner, Voices in Business

“Clear English, a focussed approach, and lots of entertaining stories – a really great resource for every ambitious young Asian entrepreneur.”

Michael Sher BA – VP of Sales, Customer Success & Solutions Group, Hewlett Packard
Asia Pacific and Japan

“I‘ve led several successful start-ups in my career and never seen a personal sales process as effective as this. I wish the front line sales that worked for me then had used this book. They’d have been much more productive, and my life would have been much easier without their guesses, assumptions and fabrications.”

Richard Woodfield BA, MA – CEO, Parallax Group plc and Apama Inc.
UKMSL Warwick University

“The 21st Century needs new business processes. TSB is independent of culture, is easily learned, and reliable.
It’s what every sales manager and CEO craves – repeatability, efficiency and productivity.”

Franz Köpper – Serial Technology Entrepreneur
Zürich, Switzerland

“Lawyers who wish to gain their clients’ confidence will profit greatly from TSB’s eye-opening techniques.
I particularly valued learning to ask probing questions gently to find out what the client knows and what they need to be told.”

David French LLB BEng – CEO Second Counsel Services