Trevor Græme Wilkins

Trevor Græme WilkinsI’ve spent 23 years in a leadership position in sales, marketing and channels in worldwide financial and commercial markets – you can go and see my details on LinkedIn.  I enjoyed it and was successful but boy was it hard work!  I saw that a small number of my colleagues and bosses were able to be much more relaxed than the others, but were still more productive & profitable – despite equal intelligence, work, knowledge and education.  There was clearly some ‘magic to be bottled’ there!

View Trevor Græme Wilkins's profile on LinkedInOver several years, I modelled these ‘best of the best’ performers – what they said, how they acted and the way they thought.  I then used this work to train & coach my sales people and partners.  As a result, I gained a lot of real life feedback from working with real customers, real channels and real commercial situations – as well as many other non-commercial rôles.  I completed the process by combining this ‘front line’ experience with the best of behavioural & cognitive psychology.

What has emerged is a universal human-to-human communication and influence model.  It takes the approach that in the 21st Century, the route to an order no longer focuses on a ‘Sales Process’, but is led by the customer’s ‘Buying Process’.  Today’s buyer has instant access to accurate information and is whole lot smarter and better educated than before. If you truly understand the motivation & psychology of the person or organisation on ‘the other side of the table’, your problem becomes so much clearer.  If the business truly exists, then it will always come to you more easily, more predictably and in greater amounts than by using ‘traditional methods’. If your buyer can’t see that they can take something valuable away from doing business with you, then it’s your job to facilitate them recognising it.  This process delivers the tools to do that.  If they truly want to buy, but can’t see the , then it’s up to you to help them generate

I call this approach  Turning Selling into Buying® and it’s proven to be highly effective; whether you’re influencing others to buy ideas, products, services, solutions or simply ‘to buy into’ a vision…   The powerful, yet easily learned linguistics, the simple personal and meeting structures and the Influence Process skills that we teach all meld together to deliver confidence, effectiveness and predictability that just doesn’t exist in the traditional ways of selling.

My first book, Turning Selling into Buying focuses on the critical stage of the process – answering the question:

“What would truly motivate any to buy what I offer, or ‘buy into’ my vision?”


Over the years, I have gathered around me a tremendously strong team of Associates.  This is a group of highly experienced business practitioners who are all strongly committed to the Turning Selling into Buying® approach.  They have a wide range of experience, with most of them adding to the body of knowledge within TSB.  Where is appropriate, they introduce it to their clients or companies and then use this as a solid and proven basis for delivering the change and consolidation work that’s needed.

Our approach has always been to define the Sales or Influence problem with the company management, deliver the most appropriate (often tailored) workshops, and then follow through to ensure that ‘the Change Sticks’.

We turn Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt into Confidence, Certainty and Conviction