TSB for Summer Sales Camp 2019

The Summer Sales Camp (Course EMP5109-X00 – also known as 19SSC) takes place 31 May-16 June 2019

The course Set Book is Turning Selling into Buying Second Edition Part 1, 2 & 3
Student price for a full set is just $58.50 + GST – purchase by clicking Buy Now below.

This will entitle you to:

  • printed copy of TSB Parts 1&2 Edition 2 – please collect from 4043
  • a PDF version of the same – you will be sent a link to download it as soon as your purchase is complete
  • a PDF version of TSB Part 3 Edition 2 – you will be given a link after weekend #1
  • a set of downloadable workbooks and worksheets to accompany each book

The book can also be collected from Trevor Wilkins at SITE 4043 at the time proposed by me.
The first two chapters must be read before  the course starts

Reading assignments and exercises from the books will be handed out during the course.
It’s OK to read more before the start of the course – or even the whole book – but it’s not compulsory

Throughout the course I will be handing out hard copies of all the forms and exercises referenced in the book, so it’s not compulsory to download these using the book links – but don’t let me stop you